About My Art Workshops:

My teaching philosophy centers on creating space and time to explore materials, personal expression, and critical investigation.

I offer this strategy to my students much in the same way that I do for myself in my own studio, with the bulk of my energy devoted to providing the context in which to play.

I specialize in early childhood education and elder populations with a focus on process over product.

I enjoy teaching active processes with large motor movements, and I love including cross-disciplinary content: particularly physical science, geometry, botany.  My influences include aspects of Montessori philosophy.

Contact me at mail@emilycobb.com to inquire about a workshop for your community.


This is a project I facilitated for Fort Point Fall ’15 Open Studios.  We made monoprints by rubbing out designs, inking up using pattern materials like leaves, mesh and lace, and blocked out ink using ripped paper.  The prints were hand-pressed using a homemade brayer.  We used acrylic block printing ink and re-purposed tiles as a plate and printed on newsprint (it’s quite absorbant).  Participants were mostly kids 4-8, but a few free-spirited adults joined in too!





Illuminated Geometric Forms




Here are a couple examples of the lanterns we made in a community event in Fort Point using brown paper bags, tissue paper, glue, and a variety of scissors and hole punchers.  The lanterns were illuminated with LED candles.