Emily Cobb

printmaker, zinester, illustrator

Hello art friends,

     Thanks for stopping by my site.  I’m a visual artist living and working in  a little elbow of the Quinobequin (a.k.a Charles) River in Massachussetts.  Some things I love are monoprints, wet on wet watercolor technique, photocopiers, any kind of multiples, art zines, and process based work.  I have a relatively new nerdy obsession with alternative calendars.

I don’t have a lot of work up on my site right now because the internet distracts me.

You can hear from me when new work is released by adding your email address here:


I also do children’s book illustration and run a small art press, and am a compost evangelist.  My pronouns are she/her.

Feel free to reach out:  mail @ emilycobb.com 

Purchase or rent my artwork:

still from Seaglass, 2018